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rust clean laser laser rust removal machine for paint Oxide


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rust clean laser laser rust removal machine for paint Oxide


New cleaning type: 


rust cleaning laser technology refers to the use of high-energy laser beams to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface can evaporate or peel off instantly, and the attachments or surface coatings on the surface of the cleaning object can be effectively removed at high speed to achieve a clean process Very strong power, short pulse)

Laser cleaning is suitable for metal surfaces. The processed and optimized laser beam will not change the metal properties or damage the laser-treated surface. The precisely adjusted laser beam only affects the coating, the remaining residue or oxides, and does not harm the underlying base metal surface.


Machine pictures:




DSC09976 - 副本




We also have 50w backpack type:





Main features:


Rust cleaning laser is a high-tech new generation product for surface cleaning.
Fast and concentrated pulse with a high power impact and vaporizes the residue on the surface;
The laser pulse is very suitable for the removal of organic substances, such as dirt remaining on the tire mold; Short-term impact does not warm the metal surface and does not damage the substrate.

Technical Advantages
– Clean or remove the surface paint layer quickly and smoothly.
– Accurate cleaning and paint removal effects;
– No damage to the substrate;
– Low cost;
– No need to sand grit or chemical;
– The equipment does not need to be set up.

Main parts: 


Raycus system and clean gun









Main parameters: 


Equipment model LXC-50 LXC-100 LXC-200 LXC-500 LXC-1000
Laser working medium Yb-doped fiber        
Laser power 50W 100W 200W 500W 1000W
Laser wavelength 1064nm        
Pulse frequency 20-100KHz 20-100KHz 20-200KHz 20-50KHz 20-50KHz
Cooling method Air cooling Air cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Dimension 760mmX780X790mm     1100x950x700mm  
Total Weight 56kg 60kg 65kg 130kg(Including Water tank) 140kg
Total power 350W 600W 1000W 1800W 2000W
Scan width 10-60mm
Optional Hand/automatic
Working temperature 5-40℃




1) Rust cleaning laser Metal surface derusting

2) Surface paint removal paint treatment
3) Surface without dirt, stains, dirt cleaning
4) Surface coating, coating removal
5) Oxide surface,Oil stain and contaminant cleaning
6) Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment
7) Stone figure surface dust & attachment cleaning
8) Rubber/ plastic/ metal mold residue cleaning




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